Building Cleaning

B&A Power Washing is the #1 choice for Building Washing in the DC Metro. We have done work for Hewlett Packard, FBI, University of the District of Columbia, and many more. Whether the Building is 1 story or a Skyscraper, we have done it all!! B&A also understands that sometimes people prefer to wash with no Lift and that's not a problem for use. We can repel to wash ANY Building or Structure no matter how tall.

Cleaning a Building requires more than a sunny day and a garden hose. Doing the job properly can be an expensive process involving scaffolding, work platforms and a host of Health & Safety commitments. That’s why property owners and managers rely on B&A Power Washing for a fast, efficient, and economical clean every time!

“Washing your Building needs to be an integral part of your regular maintenance program"

B&A are experts in cleaning and removing dirt, grime, salt, mold, lichen and moss, so Building surfaces look refreshed again.
The accumulation and build up of dirt on a Building from air pollution will accelerate its deterioration. Regular washing of your Building will save you money on maintenance and repairs, as well as rejuvenating the look of your Building.

B&A only uses quality biodegradable products. We apply a cleaning product to the exterior of your Building and once the product has had time to break down the dirt and pollution on the exterior, it is removed with a soft water wash.

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