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YES : We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We always strive to meet and exceed expectations. If you ever have any concerns with our workmanship we offer free touch up consultations.  We will continue to work with you within our abilities until you are satisfied.
Service Call Policy-  We ask that you contact us within 48 hours of washing or sealing with touch up requests. Although our technicians are all experts within our field, as with any job or project mistakes potentially can happen so we need to know as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns with our workmanship.  Our policy is we will respond within 24 hours and revisit the property within 72 hours to address your concerns.  We will continue to work with you within our abilities until you are satisfied.

YES : B & A Power washing holds all the necessary licenses, certifications, and insurance plans for our customers protection and assurance.

YES : Our products are specifically formulated to provide the highest level of cleaning power, yet pose a negligible risk.  The materials we apply are highly diluted with water and the low application rates make them practically harmless.  You may not know this but the materials we use are similar to ones you can purchase yourself at your local supply stores.  Combined with our technicians that are properly trained in handling and safe use of these products they pose a negligible risk to your property, pets, plants, and family.

NO : We do not need anyone home as long as the windows are shut, the water is turned on from the inside and working, and payment arrangements have been made.  Second story decks with no access? Do not worry we can use a ladder to gain access to the deck and perform the cleaning to get the job done and we will leave an invoice copy right at your front door so you do not have to miss any important tasks or days of work.

YES : When we arrive at your property we expect cable/internet boxes to be sealed, windows seals to be viable, doors to have the proper rubber stops so that water will not come into your home. Since we work on the exterior of your home we have no way of knowing that water is leaking in. So if you do have any sort of issues when it rains please make sure someone is home to keep an watchful eye on the inside of your home. We can not be held responsible for any damage done to your property interior.

YES : We sometimes work individually on our trucks and some furniture and larger objects are hard to move alone.  Besides that the deck needs to be free and clear of anything so we can effectively clean the surface, and needs to remain that way for it to dry completely so we can seal the wood.  We pre-wet all plants and surrounding materials to be sure that any over-spray will not dry into anything around the items being cleaned, and if necessary use covers or drop clothes to cover.  By pre-spraying the surroundings with water it allows the plants to breathe and not suffocate from the use of a drop clothe or plastic covering which could do more harm than good.

YES : We accept all major credit cards and personal checks. You can call and make a payment with your credit card or pay online at  Payment is due at the time of service. If you are not home please make payment arrangements online or by phone or leave a check in a concealed location or back door of the property.

NO : We only apply a CLEAR OIL based sealant. We cannot apply products that you purchase from other vendors or stores. This is because we stand behind the application guidelines and guarantees of only our product.

NO : We do not require a deposit for our house washing or cleaning and sealing services. However payment is due upon completion by giving the check to our technician, making payment online, or calling in with a credit card.  If getting a clean and seal job, 50% is due upon cleaning, and the remainder due after your job has been sealed.

NO: We never use high pressure to clean houses. Our technologically advanced low pressure house washing solution does most of the work and will not harm your windows, siding, or paint.

NO: Pressure washing does not remove oxidation from gutters or aluminum siding. We wash using all the proper techniques and cleaners to remove all green algae, mold, mildew, dirt and debris. Unfortunately Oxidation is heavily set in to the metal of the siding and gutters and needs special solutions and/or hand scrubbing which we do not offer at this time.

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